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Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Settlements

Settlements in the case of cerebral palsy lawsuits can aid families in covering the cost of treatment and care for their child. The average family will need more than $1 million to cover their lifetime medical expenses relating to cerebral palsy.

Each case is different, however the majority of cerebral palsy attorney palsy lawsuits follow the same steps. A lawyer can evaluate your case during a no-cost consultation.

Statute of limitations

Cerebral palsy has an impact that lasts for a long time on children as well as their families. Children with cerebral palsy have many medical expenses. This can include everything from therapy to specialized equipment. In severe instances, a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy may require 24/7 or even part-time care. In some cases, compensation may help to cover these costs.

It is crucial to be aware of the laws in your state regarding medical malpractice claims. There are many states with statutes of limitations that put a limitation on how long you are allowed to file a claim after an illegal event has occurred. If you fail to meet this deadline, the court will likely dismiss your case.

Although the laws of every state vary slightly but they all allow citizens to make personal injury lawsuits, including those that relate to medical malpractice. You should contact a lawyer for cerebral palsy when you suspect that a medical professional or a facility has caused your child's CP.

For instance, the Kansas statute of limitations in cases involving birth injuries permits two years from the time the negligence occurred. Kentucky is one of the states that is more strict in this kind of situation and only allows citizens to discover the harm within a year.

Gathering Evidence

Physical and occupational therapy is typically required for those suffering from cerebral palsy. Parents may need to modify their home and purchase special equipment, such as wheelchairs. These expenses can be very expensive and a lawsuit may help the family receive compensation to pay for these medical bills and improve the quality of life for their child.

A medical negligence case is usually based on whether the doctor's actions and decisions did not meet the standards of treatment under the circumstances. Your attorney will look over your child's birth, pregnancy, and early infancy documents and other evidence to determine if the CP symptoms could have been avoided with better medical treatment.

Your attorney will also speak to the doctors and cerebral palsy other health experts about your child's treatment as well as CP symptoms. They will review the evidence and prepare the case for trial. This may include obtaining expert witness testimony to support your claims, and refuting the defense's arguments.

If medical experts agree that the CP in your child's case was caused by medical negligence and your lawyer files a complaint with the local court. Depending on your state's laws you may have only a short time to file a claim. Your attorney will explain these rules to you. If you do not file your claim within the timeframe set by the statute of limitations, Cerebral Palsy your claim will be thrown out.

Case Filing

When a medical mistake during childbirth, pregnancy or shortly after birth results in your child's cerebral palsy, you could be able to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for damages. A successful claim for a cerebral-palsy settlement could pay for your family's expenses, including ongoing treatment and care costs.

A knowledgeable attorney will evaluate your case to determine if you have a strong legal claim against the medical professionals accountable for your child's injuries. Your lawyer will then gather every kind of evidence to support your claim. This may include medical records for both parents and witness reports of the birth of your child, and other relevant proof. After the required evidence has been collected and your lawyer has completed the formal process, you will submit your lawsuit to the court. You will become the plaintiff, while the doctor and hospital that caused the injuries to your child will be the defendant.

If the defendant accepts responsibility the cerebral palsy lawsuit might be resolved in a matter of months. However, if the defendants dispute liability or the injuries sustained by your child are serious the case may have to go through trial. During trial, your lawyer will present the evidence to a judge or jury who will decide liability and the amount of compensation your child must be awarded.


After your lawyer has gathered all the relevant information after which they will begin making the case. They will send the defendants a demand letter asking them to compensate you family and you for the damages resulting from medical negligence. The defendants will have an amount of time to reply, usually within 30 days.

The next stage of the legal procedure is discovery. This is where both sides create documents and evidence to support their side of the truth. Your lawyer will collaborate with experts in medicine and witnesses to gather additional evidence for your case. After this phase the court will set a an initial trial conference to discuss the case.

Settlement agreements are typically utilized to settle medical malpractice cases, instead of a jury verdict. This is a better option for both parties since it's cheaper and quicker. Your lawyer will work diligently to help you reach an appropriate settlement amount. The amount you settle for must take into consideration the future expenses of your child as well as losses.

Many families of children suffering from CP are relieved by the fact that their medical staff is accountable for their actions. This can help families reimagine themselves and move forward in confidence. It can also increase awareness for other families that might be experiencing similar situations.